Myrtle Beach


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    In less than four months 8 adults over 50, 9 adults over 30 and 4 boys under 10 will converge on the beaches of South Carolina. Preparation has begun and below are suggestions for meal assignments. Each person will have 3 or 4 turns in the kitchen (shop, prep, cook and clean).

    • Coulson Family- Hawaiian Luau
    • Ray Family - Individual pizzas, veggies, fruit and dessert
    • Nicholson/Wells Families - Mexican
    • Brad, Cameron, Jason, Stephen - Crab/Shrimp Boil
    • Amanda, Ashley, Denise, Melissa, Shimul - TBD
    • David, Lynn, Paul, Steve - TBD
    • Gwen, Patsy, Ramona, Sandra - TBD
    • Grandparents and grandsons - Lunch Melissa - Fruit pizza

    STEP 1: Groups decide on your meal menu.

    • Other lunches: hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches Breakfast: Pancakes, cereals, pastries, migas (breakfast burritos), huge breakfast extravaganza More suggestions?

    • 6 breakfasts (the last Saturday morning no cooking will be done before departure) 6 lunches 6 dinners (the first Saturday will be a simple meal since we cannot get keys to the house until 4. Perhaps Spaghetti)

    • The meal can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your cooking event can be as simple or as elaborate as your group desires. Any other group or individual is welcome to plan a meal or food item. Each group will use the bag o'money to shop for needed ingredients. (Beer and wine purchases are not included in bag o'money.)
    • Realizing that some people will eat out for certain meals, we will be flexible.

      Planning of any activities or games is appreciated.